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As the American palate for wine and food, separately and together, continues to evolve, smart chefs and sommeliers are making sure that pairings are broad, deep and coherent.

Pune Gourmet Club's Wine Guide published for the 2008 Pune Wine Tasting Festival. Exhaustive listing of Indian wines with articles on wine and food pairing, how to taste wine etc.

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Tinjauan Pustaka Pembuatan Wine dan Jenis Mikroba yang Bekerja Skala Industri

Mike Carraway has made 1000's of gallons of fine wine during the last 20 years and now he'll show how YOU can get started! Mike's simple 4-step formula that ensures your winemaking efforts never f...

This is an investigatory project about mango wine this include data and procedures in making mango wine. we we made in November 27 2012

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