Sermon 2744

Author:  Carlos Dávila

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Descrição: By R. J. Rushdoony. So much has been written about the Sermon on the Mount, but so little of the commentaries venture outside of the matters of the heart. The Beatitudes are reduced to the assumed ...

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Descripción: Sermón Semana de Oracion Joven 2011

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Descripción: Sermon dominical sobre Lucs 8:40-47 sobre la mujer que sufria flujo de sangre y fue sanada por Jesus al tocar su manto. Pero mas que ser sanada, Jesus queria que fuese salva.

Biblical Perspective of Suffering. Bad things happen and "life" is usually the excuse given but I say there is more. God is in control of your hard times and afflictions. God uses them. This is a p...

Descripción: Spanish translation of a classic study on the theological context of the Sermon on the Mount.